As far back as I can remember art has been a part of My life.
I spent a lot of my childhood drawing horses. As a teen-ager I became
interested in oil painting. I started painting on saw blades that belonged
to my husbands father to hang in his garage. Family and friends would
bring their blades for me to paint pictures of their farms and other interest.
Summer trips on our boat has sparked an interest in light houses, and
other scenes that are a part of the beautiful lakes around Michigan.
I also enjoy painting pictures of family, pets, and boats. Now that we
are spending our winters in Florida I am sure I will find many interesting
things to paint here. All my paintings are done with oils. The canvas is
flat or stretched, and priced accordingly. Saw blades are sanded and
sprayed with rust proofing before I start painting. Then a clear sealer
is applied to make them as water proof as possible.
In 2002 I have started painting on glass. I am using
glass paint that is baked on, with very good results. We winter in Light
& Life Park in Florida, where I am Teaching a painting class, the ones
learning the glass painting are finding it very enjoyable. I have also
done a few paddles my husband made. I think my favorite things are the
paintings I put on doors off antigue Chris Craft Boats.
Thanks for looking at my art.